East Bound

World Logistic Service (WLS) is the sole agent for Nissan Motor Car Carrier Co., LTD. (NMCC) and World Transport Corporation (WTC) which is the canvassing agent in Japan for NMCC.

NMCC/WTC provides more than 30 voyages a year from Japan to the West Coast of United States and Canada. Services from Japan to US East Coast ports such as Jacksonville, FL, Newport News, VA, and Newark, NJ are also available. Cargoes destined for other ports can also be handled however we encourage you to inquire in advance as ports of calling may vary by voyage.

NMCC/WTC is capable of handling any kind of RO/RO type cargoes such as automobiles, forklifts, construction machineries, heavy duty trucks, etc.

Customers in the United States and Canada can contact WLS:

  • When you have any questions or concerns regarding your cargoes coming from Far East to North America.
  • When you require information on terminals in the United States and Canada.
  • When you are considering a shipment from Far East to North America and need to know the ocean freight idea. Although direct contact to WTC office in Japan is the quickest way to obtain information, WLS would be more than happy to assist you.

Our Ports of Call are:

U.S. and CANADA WEST COAST: Los Angeles, Tacoma and Vancouver B.C.
U.S. EAST COAST: Jacksonville, Newport News, and Newark
JAPAN: Yokohama, Kanda (Fukuoka) and Osaka